Skateboarding is one of the most progressive matters in today’s world.

Why? Because it adapts very fast to any environment. And if it can’t adapt itself, then it adapts the environment. A good example is the ever ongoing clash between the establishment and this avant-garde that takes place in basically any developed urban space.

Adapting itself

Cops or security guards (who also secure the established order) constantly kick skaters out from spots. But skaters literally adapt their time and are constantly coming back there to do their tricks.

fot. Piotr Wieczorek
Photo by courtesy of Piotr Wieczorek

The only way to get rid of skateboarding in urban space is to destroy it completely, and change it into a plowed field. But then, there will be no city anymore, so it will be a radical decline of our civilization.

no skateboarding

Adapting the environment

In case there is a complete lack of civilized terrain, skateboarding creates its own habitat. And what do we see then? We see DIY’s, which have each and every feature of a construction made by a developed civilization. There are building materials like concrete, wood or metal. The shapes of the built objects are either typical for urban space (street elements), or consist of the most refined architecture (“the tranny stuff”). Not your typical agro environment, huh?

Rwanda skatepark
Skatepark in Kigali, Rwanda. Photo by courtesy of Uganda Skateboard Union (you guys do amazing stuff  for east Africa!).

In other words, skateboarding is truly progressive. And with this, it is a driving force within our civilization. It is the same kind of factor, from which this civilization consists of.

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