Bilbao EMB

There are spots where you skate either occasionally or just to do some tricks, and there are spots where you could spend the rest of your life. One of such spots is the EMB in Bilbao. The whole place is a natural skatespot consisting of a statue surrounded by irregular shaped blocks with a perfect […]

La Casita

Some places to skate are so unique that they stay in your memory forever. One of such spots is the Andalucian La Casita. This DIY has been built in an abandoned villa on top of one of the hills surrounding Fuengirola. The story I have heard is that this used to be an office of […]

Skateboarding in Tbilisi, Georgia. Part 2/2

Food & drinks As basically all countries in the world, also Georgia has big supermarkets and McDonald’s with the same stuff you find everywhere, but they’re not the utmost catalyst for opening your mind and world discovery. So, local stuff only. It looks like Georgian food is pretty unspoiled by all the “modern” society ingredients. […]

Switch, not goofy.

To be able to share my thoughts and experiences with more people, I decided to switch ON SKATEBOARDING to English. This change will make the information on the blog better accessible to more people in the world. By this, I want the content of this site to serve skateboarding even more.