Skateboarding is a part of the urban ecosystem

Some people (also skaters) say that skateboarding “destroys” curbs and other stuff. 

Their mind is in a mental canyon of a lack of progress, lack of dynamics and a lack of life so much, that they see only the negative effects of skateboarding.

Which is nonsense.

It is nonsense, because analogically to an ecosystem in nature – in which parts of this system cause a certain circulation, changes, seasons, birth and death – skateboarding is a component of an urban ecosystem. It not only gives life and rhythm to specific spaces, but it also accelerates over time the use of some elements of small architecture which change as a result of it. Exactly like it happens in nature.

Take beavers for example. When in a natural ecosystem these animals gnaw at trees, which makes the trees wither and brake over time, no one believes that beavers are bad and that the only thing they do is “destroy”. This is because everyone understands that beavers are part of a ecosystem in nature.

natural space
Gnaw and destroy?

Some people want to regulate the “beaver problem”, but everybody knows that if it will be over regulated, eventually the beavers will vanish and that part of the ecosystem will cease to exist. Which is not good, right?

beaver dam
A beaver dam has been created.

Let’s change the nature for the city. Does anybody who creatively uses urban space – yes, also wearing it down – is doing something else than beavers do from the above example?

It would still be possible to invent the following pseudo-argument: “The place of beavers is in nature, so it is natural for them to benefit from their natural surrounding and to change it“. Of course it is.

So – going back to people – is urban space not a place for humans, and is it not natural for them to benefit from their natural surrounding and to change it?

urban space
Giving new meaning to urban places.

Skaters explore, use and modify elements of urban areas. And by doing that, they co-create a city ecosystem by giving life and dynamics to urban space.


One thought on “Skateboarding is a part of the urban ecosystem

  1. What a nonsense. Human beings have an understanding of the concept of property. This is in contrast to animals. Let’s change to the example of the beaver: the nature in which all beavers live isn’t owned by certain beavers, thus those beavers destroying a part of nature do not violate other beavers property as there is no rule among beavers about nature. Bottomline: if you do not want to abide by property laws, also don’t complain if someone by purpose will break your board.

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